Organisational Management and Assurance


Liz Roberts | Director of Communications & Governance

Ellie Hobden | Governance & Marketing Officer

Chris Bolton | Director of Risk & Compliance and DPO

Russell Barnes | MI Developer

Expert Governance 

Strategic governance is one of the defining characteristics of School Trusts. By operating under a single governance structure, a strong board of trustees can effectively oversee the strategic direction of the groups of schools in the trust and hold executive leaders to account for the outcomes of all pupils. Strong governance of the legal entity of the Trust hardwires collaboration and shared accountability in a way that no other school structure does. Trust boards carry the accountability along with the powers of intervention where necessary at a governance level of its schools. This is one of the reasons why the Trust is the most appropriate vehicle to drive school improvement.

This area of school improvement looks to ensure that information provided to the board of trustees has been tested and is accurate. This team will  also organise trust wide initiatives to minimise administrative impact of schools.

Organisational management and assurance:

  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Organisation Management
  • Performance Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Management Information (MI)
  • Policies
  • Communications
  • Clerking
  • Vision and Values
  • Marketing
  • Oversee conversions
  • Strategic Planning and monitoring

RLT Governance:

  • Termly Trustee board meetings
  • Termly Trustee sub-committees
  • RLT Board of Trustees strategy days
  • Termly Chair of Governors briefings
  • Termly Clerk to Governors briefings
  • Governance portal
  • Governors annual conference

RLT Education Quality Assurance:

  • Termly data reviews
  • Termly attendance and suspension reviews
  • Quality assurance of school self-evaluation form
  • Quality assurance of school development plans
  • Annual behaviour and attitudes review
  • Biennial external safeguarding, SEND and PP reviews
  • Headteacher performance management
  • Annual educational policy quality assurance
  • Annual school SEF review with CEO
  • Annual website compliance review