Rochelle Conefrey | Director of Secondary Education

Simon Beswick | Director of Primary Education

Emma Gregory | Deputy Director of Education

Matt Klinck | Assisstant Director of Education


Quality of Education

The charitable purpose of advancing education is cemented in the Trust’s Articles of Association, and the activity to advance education for the public good is contracted through funding agreements. The best Trusts are focus on the quality of education; they have strongly theorised, coherent models of improvement. They can scale improvement by knowledge building through evidence informed professional development and creating communities of improvement. The school improvement model is collaborative. 


  • Staffing

  • Budget

  • Academic performance

  • Ethos and values

  • Quality Assurance

  • Ofsted

  • Governance

  • Leadership support

  • Safeguarding

  • CPD

  • Pastoral

  • Quality of education

  • Transition

  • Networks

  • Educational strategy

  • Access to National College training database

  • Annual HSE staff wellbeing survey

  • Support from RLT quality of education lead practitioner

School improvement activities

  • Headteacher/ SLT/middle leader support

  • RLT school improvement resource portal

  • RLT governance portal

  • ECT programme and collaborative training Middle leader assessment moderation and standardisation

  • Trust and peer support to quality assure curriculum

  • Bespoke data tracking at KS3 & KS4

  • Trust MI developer

  • Peer support with school activities i.e deep dives, learning walks etc

  • A programme of external reviews to support SEF grades

  • Trust cluster of SLEs

  • DSL Supervision (mandatory)

  • SISRA observe


Network meetings

  • DSL (half termly)

  • PP leads (termly)

  • SENDCO (half termly)

  • Headteachers (half termly)

  • Heads, trustees and executive team (termly)

  • Attendance leads (termly)

  • Behaviour leads (termly)

  • Curriculum leads (as required)

  • PD leads (termly)

  • Teaching and Learning leads (as required)

  • Data leads ( as required)

  • Business managers (half-termly)



  • Secondary LP

  • Primary LP

  • 16 Specialist Leaders of  Education


  • Safeguarding reviews

  • SEND reviews

  • PP reviews

  • Specialist Consultants