Message from the Chair

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    Andy Wilson | Chair of Trustees



The Rowan Learning Trust’s mission: 'To Maximise potential for all'

The Rowan Learning Trust was established in 2012 following many years of highly successful school to school based support. The Trust was founded on the philosophy that high expectations and standards, alongside true collaboration, accelerates school improvement. Therefore, maximising the potential of students and staff within our wider school community; with a clear moral purpose to advance education for the public benefit. Our name refers to the inception of the Trust within the borough of Wigan and the Rowan tree being featured on the borough's coat of arms. The Rowan Learning Trust was formed.

We are an education charity with our schools working collaboratively, as one entity , to improve and maintain high educational standards across the whole organisation. Built on a foundation of strong values that underpins the Rowan Learning Trust' philosophy, these consist of:

  • Kindness

  • Mutual respect

  • Integrity

‘Our trust is built on the firm belief that everyone can reach their full potential wherever they are within our community. We want our learners to leave us prepared and confident for the next stage of their lives. To achieve this goal, we operate a collaborative approach to staff development and school improvement which is a supportive and aspirational process; we share our best practice internally and externally with practitioners from other schools. We are extremely proud of the achievements made by our students and staff.’